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Jean-Thomas Cullen—Poetry plus Sentimental Romantic Fiction

John T. Cullen—On Thriller Street plus The Reading Room (Nonfiction)

John Argo—DarkSF, Empire of Time SF, Suspense Fiction, Dark Fantasy


Welcome to John T. Cullen's personal author webplex, live since 1996. You can learn all about my history as an Internet author and publisher (since 1996) at the Clocktower Books Museum pages. The main Clocktower Books publisher site is at Clocktower Books, one of the world's first true e-book publishers (according to well-defined criteria). We published the world's first professional, web-only magazine of speculative fiction starting 1998 and running for a decade. More info at Museum.


Coronado Mystery - three books by John T. Cullen

Finally Solved After More Than 120 Years: San Diego/Coronado: 1892 True Crime Story/Famous Ghost Legend. Now two books in one volume: nonfiction Dead Move: Kate Morgan and the Haunting Mystery of Coronado; plus a fictional dramatization closely based on historical fact, Lethal Journey.

Publisher of Clocktower Books & Author

A San Diego Author with European and New England Roots: Jean-Thomas Cullen, B.A., B.B.A., M.S. is a seasoned professional, passionately devoted to all things literary. An experienced author, publisher, and editor, he writes books solidly grounded in art, passion, and critical thinking—be it a romantic and thrilling novel, or solidly researched historical nonfiction. He co-founded Clocktower Books in 1996. He publishes under his real name plus pen names John Argo and John T. Cullen. See About page for more info.

click for Brainxit to read Explanation Nation or EX-NAX


click for Brainxit to read Explanation Nation or EX-NAXNew Political Series: Don't Miss This!

News: Trump is Merely a Distraction - Crooked
Mitch is the Name - Health Denial is the Game

click for Brainxit to read Explanation Nation or EX-NAXExplanation Nation (EX-NAX). I just published the first in a series (EX-NAX) explaining everything you will ever need to know about how Crazy Donald got into the White House, who put him there (Crooked Mitch) and why (Health Care Denial). Mitch and his corporate pimps, especially the $3 Trillion/year Health Denial Industry, have been sliming Hillary and doing everything possible to derail health care reform for the past 25 years. It's the next terrifying step in a dark tyranny called Reaganism, which kills democracy, weakens government, disempowers the people, and elevates *CORPORATIONS* to the status of being our god-like rulers. Because we are told we're "exceptionalist" (but we're really *delusionalist*) we accept all this baloney and think jayzus speaks through Trump and McConnell the way those same corporate, sectarian, and phony media liars told us god spoke through that idiot Bush 43, who destroyed the world and then they blamed it on Obama, and the usual fools believed every word of it. More info here (See: Brainxit, our own U.S. Brexit insanity for Explanation Nation, or Ex-Nax).click for Brainxit to read Explanation Nation or EX-NAX

Coming: Journal Project

Journal. Effective Summer 2017, I will start posting regular stories, articles, and essays at my personal website (John T. Cullen dot com). Years ago, I commanded the top 10 most of the time at in Nonfiction/History. I will be reprising a number of the articles I published there on topics as varied as the last day of the Roman Empire (which happened in 1453, not 476); the Paris Gun of 1918, which was the first to launch a man-made projectile into the edge of space; a possible instant ice age happening quickly, soon, as a result of global warming and the disruption of long-standing world ocean currents; and many other fascinating topics in such areas as history, religion, and linguistics. I call this project my Journal because I will be posting frequently. More info soon.