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sitemap webplex John T. Cullen author Jean-Thomas Cullen John Argo  John T. Cullen. Home page, webplex, site hub. Author of fiction and nonfiction; birth name is Jean-Thomas Cullen; also writes as John Argo and John T. Cullen. Over 50 books, articles, and other projects listed on this webplex (two or more linked sites).

 San Diego Author. The author's San Diego stories (& San Diego related). John T. Cullen (John Argo, Jean-Thomas Cullen) is also a New Haven Author, UConn Author, Luxembourg Author, and Kaiserslautern Author.

 Café Okay. Over fifty books, articles, and stories (fiction and nonfiction) in various categories under at least three names/pseudonyms. Café Okay theme reflects author's love of books and coffee.

 Clocktower Books. History-making small press publisher in San Diego since 1996. Proprietor: John T. Cullen.

 Clocktower Books Museum. Museum Site; plus six Heritage Sites, dating as far back as 1996; see lower right of this page.

Special Topic Sites (Nonfiction)

Progressive Author explains: it's not about Trump but about ruthless corporations recklessly derailing universal health care at any cost
 Explanation Nation.—Website and one book, two more titles due out. (1) Trump is a distraction—it's about Mitch McConnell and his corporate pimps destroying health care reform; (2) Reaganism, US history, end of democracy, what must be done; (3) Big History: the Human Condition from Plato to Machiavelli, from Cicero to Jefferson, and more: what we must understand to save the USA & world in crisis. Dedicated website.

click for special topic site: Coronado Mystery
 Coronado Mystery.—1892 true crime/famous ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado—a mystery solved at last by John T. Cullen. Three books. Dedicated website.

 Vanished MH370 Airliner Mystery.
John T. Cullen's plausible solution to one of aviation history's greatest enigmas. Got the attention of top U.S. Navy brass and some media outlets. Based on reported facts, keeping all cards on the table. The last shoe in this saga is yet to drop. If I am correct, the aircraft was hijacked and en route to the Horn of Africa, to be weaponized and dropped on a major European target that would make 9/11 in New York look far less monumental. The plot failed—but 'they' will try again. And 'they' is not just a bunch of deranged loonies and jihadis, but some major world intellligence services. Forewarned is forearmed, unless we ignore the intel (again). Dedicated website.

Special Fiction Sites

Valley of Seven Castles, a Luxembourg Thriller: world's first Progressive Thriller by John T. Cullen, Active Member ITW World's First Progressive Thriller
First in a series (Progressive Thrillers). Visit the dedicated site to learn much more—including the fascinating story of how this novel came to be, both from the author's imagination and his research on thriller history dating to John Buchan's archetypal 1915 classic The Thirty-Nine Steps and multiple Alfred Hitchcock connections accidentally uncovered by John T. Cullen. Explicitly written as a Progressive Thriller, this novel is the first of its subgenre. Speaking of explicit, the plot contains at least one very sizzling scene that reflects both passion and the author's commitment to modern gender equality and other progressive ideas. Beyond that, it is a rollicking suspense thriller that starts in Shanghai and Paris, but has Luxembourg written all over it. More info at the dedicated site.

Museum Sites

 Clocktower Books Museum. (Museum of Clocktower Books, tracing our history from 1996 to the present)

Access. Each of these sites (except Clocktower Fiction, which turned into Clocktower Books in 2000) still has a legacy website. You can either access directly or, for a more meaningful experience, begin at the Clocktower Books Museum site, where I am developing a detailed chronology.

Neon Blue Fiction 1996-2001

The Haunted Village 1996-2001

Clocktower Fiction 1996-2000
(Clocktower Books after 2000)

SharpWriter.Com 1998-2006

Deep Outside SFFH 1998-2001

Far Sector SFFH 2001-2007

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